Vegan Waldorf Chicken Salad

I’ve been coming with ideas for simple lunches, and I thought of chicken salad! I love adding fruit and nuts to salad, so I decided on a Waldorf style salad.

2 Gardein Chicken Breasts, prepared & diced
2 tablespoons of veganaise
Red or white onion, diced
Dried cranberries
Almond slivers
Salt, pepper & dill to taste
Apple, chopped
Romaine lettuce

Prepare you chicken however you choose to cook it, dice into bite size pieces, and combine will all ingredients.

Pile on top of fresh crisp romaine and pair it with a light veggie soup!

Easy breezy lunch!

I would even use a flavored hummus instead of veganaise for an extra punch of flavor! And if red onion is too potent for you, use a yellow or white one.

Don’t be afraid to play around with spices!

Peace, Love, Vegan



About Sheenagh Caridi

I am 28 years old & I've decided to start to live a healthier life. It's obvious that I am not getting any younger & I want to make sure I am at my healthiest for when I get married & start to have children. I've been a vegetarian for 14 years, but have not made the best decisions, cheese, pasta & bread is an awful diet to survive on. I work crazy work hours, & find it impossible to sleep, let alone make positive food choices. I've recently decided to be completely vegan, not only does animal cruelty hurt my soul, but the effects of a vegan lifestyle help our earth & hugely help our bodies. It comes down to making an effort to getting up & making everything you consume. We all need to learn how to fuel our bodies with the right foods. You only have one life & one body, make it all ridiculously amazing. Peace, Love, Vegan
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